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/ per level

On Month of Instruction
Native Speaking Instructor
Book & Audio Included
Flexible Scheduling & Coaching
Our most flexible option includes a 75+ page student book, over one hour of audio, progress tracking, and individual planning to help you get the best results. 

Available Sessions:

Custom: One level of live instruction + book and audio


Small Group

/ per level

One Month Live Instruction
Native Speaking Instructor
Book & Audio Included
Very Small Groups of 3 or 4
If you’d like to learn in a group without losing the benefits of individual attention, you'll enjoy our Small Group Sessions.  Just choose from among the scheduled sessions and meet online once a week for an hour. Learn more here.

Semi Private

/ per level

Learn with a Partner
One month of Instruction
Native Speaking Instructor
Book & Audio Included
Semi-private sessions have two students, so they’re a great way to learn with a partner. A month-long level costs $145 per person, including book and audio, and they can be scheduled flexibly. 

Course Description

Hello! One month of private lessons, including student book and audio workouts. Meet online with your instructor once a week and practice and review at your own pace with your student book and audio, included for free.


  • Talk about yourself and ask about others
  • Talk about your likes, dislikes, and interests
  • Discuss daily routines and schedules
  • Have social conversations
  • Improve English for everyday errands and appointments


  • Use the present: do/does and is doing/are doing
  • Ask and answering questions: do you...? and are you...?
  • Talk about the past: did
  • Use the simple past and the present perfect: did you...? and have you...?
  • Use time expressions to talk about your plans and how long you've done something
  • Use common phrasal verbs