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On Month of Instruction
Native Speaking Instructor
Book & Audio Included
Flexible Scheduling & Coaching
Our most flexible option includes a 75+ page student book, over one hour of audio, progress tracking, and individual planning to help you get the best results. 

Available Sessions:

Sections coming soon!


Small Group

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One Month Live Instruction
Native Speaking Instructor
Book & Audio Included
Very Small Groups of 3 or 4
If you’d like to learn in a group without losing the benefits of individual attention, you'll enjoy our Small Group Sessions.  Just choose from among the scheduled sessions and meet online once a week for an hour. Learn more here.

Semi Private

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Learn with a Partner
One month of Instruction
Native Speaking Instructor
Book & Audio Included
Semi-private sessions have two students, so they’re a great way to learn with a partner. A month-long level costs $145 per person, including book and audio, and they can be scheduled flexibly. 

Course Description

こんにちは! Kon'nichiwa! A one-month beginner’s course of live instruction with a native speaker, meeting once a week online. Student practice book and audio included. Individual attention, a flexible schedule, and a simple to follow learning routine.


  • Greetings & courtesy expressions
  • Talking about yourself & asking about others
  • Basic vocabulary and sentence structure
  • Vocabulary for food and drink
  • Talking about your daily routines and activities


  • Pronunciation
  • Introduction to hiragana and katakana
  • Particles は wa, を o, の no, and か ka
  • です desu (am, is, are)
  • ありません arimasen (am not, is not, are not)
  • Demonstratives これ kore (this) and それ sore / あれ are (that)
  • Introduction to Japanese verbs