We’re a team of language lovers and linguists who create ways to make language learning simple, fun and accessible to everyone. We’ve spent decades developing language courses, teaching, and training language teachers in different methods for large corporate trainers, smaller language schools, and publishing houses.

We’ve said goodbye to the corporate grind and have struck out on our own. Now we can bring our expertise, experience, and passion directly to you.

Sev Ulitsky was born in New York City, and then at age two moved to France’s Loire Valley. His mother studied at the Sorbonne and became a German teacher, and his father spoke four languages fluently, so they encouraged a love of languages, culture, travel and the arts in their son. Sev has taught French online, in person, and as a private tutor. He has worked for Living Language/Random House, Rosetta Stone, and the Alliance Française of San Francisco. -Sev Ulitsky

Chris Warnasch founded the Language Garage after over twenty years of working for big names in language instruction, such as Living Language/Random House and Berlitz. Chris has taught, he’s written and edited language courses, he’s been responsible for training and quality of instruction at large and medium sized language centers, and he’s been a language content developer for text, audio, online, and app. Chris has an M.Phil in Linguistics from CUNY’s Graduate Center, where he specialized in syntax. In his spare time, Chris studies languages. He also cooks, bikes, travels, meditates. And then he studies more languages. -Chris Warnasch

Nela Navarro has been taught Spanish for major language training companies and for universities. She has trained teachers, developed specialized curricula in both Spanish and English, and she has translated, edited, and written for both major publishers and academic publications. -Nela Navarro

Libardo Mitchell is a native of Colombia. He is very passionate about sharing his love for the Spanish language and the cultures where it is spoken. Libardo has a BA and MA in Spanish and Literature with an endorsement in education. He has been teaching all levels of Spanish for over twenty years. He has taught for Auburn High School, Washington State University, Walla Walla State College, and Portland Community College (PCC). During the 18 years of full time employment at PCC he has served as an instructor and department chair. His roles include teaching, curriculum development, faculty support, training and mentoring, and management of all aspects of the program to ensure excellence in the delivery of classes to PCC students. His students have consistently rated him as an outstanding, caring, creative, passionate, and helpful instructor. -Libardo Mitchell

Antonio Pisano is originally from Sardegna, Italy. He’s been teaching Italian since the 90’s, both in Italy and in the US. He’s taught in schools, colleges, and online, and has learned how to use each medium to inspire his students and entertain them while they learn. Antonio is passionate about his work and his culture. He has been living in the US since 2007, but he travels to Italy several times a year. Antonio lives with his wife and daughter, as well as a cat and a dog. Antonio loves languages and in addition to English and Italian, he speaks Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Antonio also has a lot of hobbies, including cooking, music, reading, cinema, and sports. -Antonio Pisano

Ygor Fuentes was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. He can’t believe that he has been a teacher of Philosophy (Wittgenstein-obsessed), Classical Languages (Latin and Greek lover) and Spanish (faithful devotee of Jorge Luis Borges) for more than 17 years. He believes that teaching languages might be not only the most beautiful subject but also the most comprehensive. Different ways of thought, philosophy, politics, poetry, love, food, geography, everything is in Languages and their human diversity. -Ygor Fuentes

Mamori Sugita Hughes is a native of Tokyo. She has a Ph.D in linguistics from the City University of New York, and has been teaching Japanese and linguistics at Queens College in New York for 20 years. Mamori has authored Japanese textbooks published by Living Language/Random House, and she has also served on an advisory committee for language proficiency assessment at the U.S. Defense Language Institute. Mamori has taught hundreds of students, and she has studied several languages herself, so she really understands the challenges and obstacles that language students face as they work to achieve their goals, whether they’re just starting out in a new language or working toward fluency. -Mamori Sugita