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Our Service

Language Garage, LLC, provides online live language instruction to small groups (maximum of five students except in the case of special programs and demos) and individual private students through an online third-party meeting application as well as file sharing sites. Your enrollment confirmation includes details on these third-party entities. We produce our own copyrighted instructional material, for use during the online lessons as well as between lessons, in print and audio form. If we do not have appropriate material for your program, we will recommend third party material. Our teaching methodology and instructor guides are both proprietary. Use of this service requires adherence not just to the policies and terms of Language Garage, LLC, but also those of the third-party entities. Your enrollment confirmation will direct you to the relevant sources, but we are happy to provide you with that information ahead of any enrollment or payment.

Our Content

Language Garage, LLC, is the sole proprietor and copyright holder of all instructional materials used during the lessons. You may not record, redistribute, or resell any of this content without expressed written permission from Language Garage, LLC, either during your course enrollment or after. Except in highly customized or special programs, the student content is provided individually in digital form to each student. Written material (student books) may be downloaded from our site, or can be sent via email or file transfer application, and it is the sole responsibility of the student to print, if so desired. Audio content is also available on our site, or will be sent via a third-party file sharing application. Students will be given detailed instruction on how to use such applications if they are unfamiliar with them.

The trade marks, names, logos and services offered on are registered and unregistered trademarks of Language Garage, LLC. Nothing contained in the course materials, written, electronic, or audio, should be construed as granting any license or right for use outside of the instruction by Language Garage, LLC, or its intended use by the student without expressed written permission from the Language Garage, LLC.


Language Garage, LLC, offers free sample lessons for all students, intended not just to familiarize students with the learning experience but also to assure that you are comfortable with the online meeting platform. For private students, our policy is that the first lesson is a trial; if you do not wish to continue with the lessons for any reason at all, you will not be charged for the trial. If you do wish to continue, it will be considered the first lesson of your regularly paid program and charged as such
Language Garage, LLC, requires payment in full for an entire level of group instruction up front; you will not be able to join a group without paying, other than to take advantage of a free sample lesson should you choose to. For private students, we require a minimum payment of six hours of lessons, and a pay-as-you-go arrangement in increments of six lessons is acceptable, although larger payments for a larger block of lessons are of course welcomed. Under no circumstances should you pay an instructor directly, or share financial information such as your credit card number with anyone other the e-commerce application on our site, or an administrator if you wish to pay over the telephone for any reason.

Refunds and Cancellations

For both group and individual private students, Language Garage, LLC, will offer a prorated refund or a hold-for-future-use in the event that you are unable to continue your lessons due to a change in your schedule, a family emergency, and the like.
Only individual private students may cancel a lesson (before 24 business hours: Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm, Eastern US) to avoid being charged. After 24 hours in advance of a scheduled lesson, we must pay our instructors, so we cannot waive your lesson payment. Before 24 hours in advance of a scheduled lesson, we can simply reschedule around your and the instructor’s availability, or skip until the next scheduled lesson.
If you are in a group lesson, other students will be involved, so the lesson cannot be halted, and we cannot waive the fee. We will do our best to invite you to drop into another group at the same level, assuming the cap of five students has not been met, as a make-up, or offer a single discounted ($35) private make-up session per level. However, the student materials you receive should be sufficient to keep you up to speed and prepare you for the next lesson.
If Language Garage, LLC, needs to cancel a lesson due to instructor illness or other such reasons, we will notify all students as quickly as possible by email or telephone, however you prefer. You will not be charged for that lesson. We may also offer a substitute instructor in order to keep the lessons moving.
As an online course provider, we rely on internet connectivity, and we understand that this can sometimes be unreliable. If you are unable to participate in or log on to a class, please email us at immediately. We always encourage that students make use of the free sample and “tech-check” sessions in the hopes that this will avoid tech problems.

Satisfaction and Guarantee

Language Garage, LLC, wants to earn your complete satisfaction in your experience with us. We offer free, no-obligation sample lessons for students considering enrolling in a group. Simply email for a schedule of upcoming sessions. For private students only, we offer a policy of trial first lesson, meaning that if you are not satisfied, you may choose not to continue, without any required explanation, and you will not be charged. If at any point during the lessons you become dissatisfied, please reach out to us and we can try to schedule a different instructor, or simply refund you the unused portion of your payment. If you find that your schedule has changed, we can simply choose a different schedule in the case of individual private instruction, or in the case of groups move you into a different group and start you when that group reaches the lesson you were last able to attend.
We cannot offer any guarantee of learning a particular amount of the language you are studying. We will do our best by you, and we will always be available for private “catch-up” tutorials or coaching calls, but much of your success depends on your behavior outside of the lessons and your own intellectual ability. If you do not regularly use your student materials, including audio, your results may not be as good as either of us wishes, so we highly encourage you to carve out time as many days as possible between your lessons to retain contact with your new language.

Social Media

Language Garage, LLC, maintains a presence on several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as a blog. The information there is intended to be a supplement to learners, and much of that content is from third party sources. Blog content may reference or direct to third party content, but unless content in the blog itself is attributed, you should assume that it is property of Language Garage, LLC. Blog comments require approval, so we have control over what is posted by third parties. In the case of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, since these are open platforms, we can only do our best to moderate and delete posts/comments or block users if they post anything offensive, abusive, or inflammatory. We cannot be held responsible for such posts/comments, however unlikely they are, but if you notice something that you find inappropriate or worse, please let us know.

Group Student Interaction

Language Garage, LLC, expects all students to treat one another and the instructor with respect. If any student or an instructor makes a complaint about inappropriate behavior or language by contacting us at, we will take the complaint seriously and take appropriate action. This may be as mild as an email or phone call, or it could involve being moved to another class or banned altogether from our courses. Please be very sensitive around topics such as politics, religion, or personal life, preferably avoiding them altogether. Please do not show unwanted attention to other students or instructors.


None of your personal information, including your email or phone number, will ever be sold to or shared with a third party. Any personal or contact information you share with Language Garage, LLC, will be used strictly by us, only for the purpose of scheduling classes and sharing general information. Your participation in open forums such as social media is entirely voluntary.

Testimonials and Promotional Material

Language Garage, LLC, may request use of written testimonials or even short videos of groups. None of this will be shared without expressed written consent by all parties involved, and you are under no obligation whatsoever to grant such consent. In the case of video promotional content, we will approach all members of the group in advance, seek permission, and if permission is granted notify you of when recording is to take place.

Disclaimer of Liability

Language Garage, LLC, is not responsible for and disclaims all liability for any loss, direct or indirect damage, liability, personal injury or expense of any nature suffered by you or any third party, which may be attributable, either directly or indirectly, to your use of our online lessons, blog, or social media presence.

Disclaimer of liability for Third-Party Platforms, Applications, & Hardware.

Using the services of Language Garage, LLC, requires the use of certain third-party applications, for example a group conferencing platform or file transfer site, and may include use of social media at your discretion. For best results, both for yourself and other participants in any lesson, we encourage you to use a headset with microphone to block out background noise and to better hear your instructor or other students. Use of your own webcam is entirely optional and generally unnecessary, but it creates a friendlier interaction. Language Garage, LLC, is in no way responsible for the updating or maintenance of these third-party platforms, applications, or hardware, and we expect all students to do due diligence in making themselves aware of whatever terms and conditions third party providers may have, and in selecting a headset. You understand and agree that Language Garage, LLC, does not endorse and is not responsible or liable for the functionality, content, features, or misuse of any third-party provider.

Updating of Course Material or Alteration of Terms of Use

Language Garage, LLC, will make any editorial corrections and updates to its content on an as-needed basis. If you are currently enrolled in a group or individual class, we will provide you with the updated files free of charge. Language Garage, LLC, retains the right to update its course terms, including pricing, if necessary. You will not be required to pay any additional fee to continue your present course, but you would be bound to the new terms on re-enrollment, including pricing.

Applicable Laws

Any relevant terms and conditions, policies and notices are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of United States. You consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New York, USA, in respect to any dispute that may arise in connection to Language Garage, LLC.

Comments or Questions

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about Language Garage, LLC, please contact us at or at +1 (646) 389-4199.

This document was last updated on February 20, 2019.